4 Factors to Consider when Buying a Digital Multimeter

A multimeter is an instrument used to measure voltage, electric current, and resistance. It is very useful in any industry. But the primary users are electricians, electrical engineers, technicians who deal with electricity and power.



Analog vs. Digital

There are two types of multimeters. One is the analog type and the other is the digital type. The most evident difference between the two types is the display, where the analog multimeter uses a needle to show the value on a scale, while the digital type shows digital values.

Though the analog multimeters have high sensitivity when checking diodes, they, on the other hand, can be difficult to use by new users. This makes a digital multimeter more handy for most users.

Most professionals in Australia or anywhere in the world use the digital type of multimeter as this is easier to read aside from being accurate. The reading is shown in digits on LED or LCD screens. These days, analog multimeters are considered a thing of the past.

Things to Think About

When shopping for a multimeter in Australia, the following factors are some things to be considered.

  • Price

There are a lot of multimeter brands which you can choose from, with price ranging from $15 to more or less $1300. As expected, high-priced multimeters are more durable and accurate compared to lower-priced ones. Click here Rapid-Tech Equipment for more details.

Also, other added features make expensive multimeters more efficient and convenient to use. Choosing a pricey yet durable multimeter Australia can offer makes it worth every dime. Just choose a store that carries a wide range of multimeter brands like that of Rapid-Tech Equipment to give you a wide range of options as well.

  • Functionality

A basic multimeter is made with standard features to measure AC and DC current, resistance, voltage, and capacity. However, there are more complex multimeters with advanced features like diode test, transistor test, battery test, and other special functions, making them extra useful than the basic multimeters.

  • Display Counts and Digits

The display counts and digits play a vital role in using multimeters. Choose a multimeter with higher display count as this means higher conversion of the exact values of the unit being tested.

  • Safety

The voltage that will pass through the multimeter’s scale will depend on its source. When dealing with high voltages, checking the kind of multimeter to use will keep you from harm. It is very important to be knowledgeable with multimeters, and considering the use of a clamp meter is equally important.

Considering Clamp Meters

A clamp meter is another electrical test tool which is a combination of a standard digital multimeter and a current tester or sensor. It is used to measure current, designed as a hinged jaw which allows electricians to simply clamp the jaws around a live wire, reading the flow of current without disconnecting any circuit.

Unlike any multimeter, a clamp meter is ideal for major electrical work as it can measure large currents. If you find multimeter Australia provider, bear in mind to keep a clamp meter as well to complete your electrical tool kit.

Post Author: Jesse Goodwin