Managing all Canon Machines

There is a range of different computer printers on the market. Some will be general purpose machines, like photocopiers, or specialized large format colour printers, which will probably be used in, for example, design studios. Pretty much all these modern machines such as Canon or Hewlett Packard, are highly reliable. There will be eventual problems through constant usage. However, most problems, jammed printers, for example, could well be down to human error. The blinking screen, on a machine, might be an indication that key printer drivers need to be updated or there is a software clash somewhere. Therefore, there may be the need for a Canon machine service to deal with these problems.

Available Services

There are a series of bases established around the Sydney metropolitan area with technicians on standby. This means that a Canon machine service can quickly get a van to any establishment on the same working day if an order is placed before 9 am. Otherwise, a repair van along with a skilled technician will arrive the next day. The van will be equipped with all the necessary tools, equipment and spares. The technicians are qualified to repair Canon machines along with the other major products on the market. If the machine needs more extensive repairs, a loan machine can be supplied if available. There is a 30-day warranty on all the parts that are provided.

Pretty well all recent printers can be repaired. When booking a Canon machine service, report the precise serial number and type of machine that is to be repaired. There are many different models of all kinds on the market. This applies to all the major producers. It is, therefore, important to have all the records available if a repair service is needed. This makes fixing and repairing the printer that much easier. Also, toner and printing inks have to precisely match each make of machine if replacements are needed.

It may also be necessary to change and update a photocopier or printer. The old machine is now out of date. There could be increasing incompatibility problems each time network systems etc are updated. Also, in say Graphics or Design Studios, they may be looking for better definition in each printed copy. This is when Canon printer repairs can advise on which printer to purchase next if an update is needed.

Corporate Repairs

A larger business or company may have a number of different computer printing machines in operation.

There could be “in-house” technicians but it might make sense to useCanon printer repairs to managing some of this. Keeping track of everything may be difficult. Therefore, Canon printer repairs Sydney can offer two alternative options.

PH4S Agreement

There are no formal contracts with this style of an agreement. Calls for repairs, maintenance, software updates, and refills can be made as and when they are needed.

Managed Print Service Contract

This is a formal contract which is designed to cover all the eventualities that could occur in running a number of different machines. Also, the running of each machine can be audited. The amount of printing and toner ink used can be better controlled, thus saving in costs.

A comprehensive range of services can be provided, for immediately repairing machines through to managing the operation of printers, photocopiers and other devices. For more details, just visit

Post Author: Jesse Goodwin