Starting a Weighbridge Business: Acquiring Licenses and Buying Software

If you’re planning to invest in or start a weighbridge business and curious about its aspects which include licenses and a weighbridge software, here’s a comprehensive guide for you:

weighbridge software

Defining Weighbridges

Trucks and other types of heavy-duty vehicles drive over a weighbridge, so the scale can measure their mass. The upper part of the weighbridge is an equipment for balancing the load of the vehicles but doesn’t belong to the scale. Weighbridge has an electronic equipment that is part of the scale.

Compared to the full-size truck scale, weighbridge systems can be also pit mounted with the weighing surface on a roadway’s level or even mounted to the surface.

An average weighbridge scale can measure more than 3 tonnes of mass. In a single operation, it can even determine the mass of a vehicle’s prime mover and connected trailers. On the other hand, a weighbridge can also measure the weight of axles as compliance to regulations of local transport.

Licences – Public and Private Weighing

Public Weighing

A public weighbridge operator needs to be licensed in order to carry out public weighing. Albeit weighing is generally free to the public, a weighbridge facility can also charge fees.

If you’re looking for government hosted training programs, the National Measurement Institute (NMI) provides a nationally-recognized training framework for weighbridge operators.

Meanwhile, if you pass and plan to pursue acquiring your license as a weighbridge operator, you need to $500 if it’s your first time applying for a new license. On the other hand, if you triumph in the weighing business, you must pay a yearly fee of $350.

Private Weighing

Private Weighing doesn’t need a license, which is when an operator only weighs their own vehicles from their company or factory. Usually, these types of businesses are bulk delivery services that deliver products such as large pieces of furniture, construction equipment, waste management tools, livestock, crops, and even bulk liquid.

In private weighing, weighbridges help determine the weight of the goods carried by the vehicle, providing autonomy to the operator or business owner. It’s also utilized to determine if a vehicle can travel on a public highway safely without being fined by the authorities for overloading.

With that being said, a weighbridge business offers a quick, safe, and manageable services for businesses who want to overlook their bulk products’ transit to far areas.

Using a Weighbridge Software

An effective management software is crucial for any business, and that includes public weighbridge establishments. If you’re planning to start a weighing business, then you’re going the right path because you can purchase a weighbridge software that can assist you in handling your weighbridge business despite you managing other tasks in your office.

Any weighbridge software Australia has today can allow operators to check for inconsistencies and change workflows, see a real-time exchange of vital data of vehicle mass and ensure that autonomy is sustained in your employees.

One of the highly recommended types of weighbridge software in Australia is the AWS Ezy-Weigh Program. Unlike other simplistic types of weighbridge software, it provides users an organizing feature of three tables for the vehicle information, pallet data, and even skip bin.

It also enables authorized access to vital information such as fleet digits, tare validities, insurance information, and electronic IDs. Ezy-Weigh is also NMI-licensed.

If you’re looking to find weighbridge software Australia wide, particularly Ezy-Weigh, you may visit

Post Author: Jesse Goodwin